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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links meaning I may receive a small form of compensation if you make a purchase after clicking my link.

Why I love Ebates.

Years ago I used Ebates a little bit here and there and then I sort of forgot about it. Well for this past Black Friday shopping I did most of mine online and I signed up for Ebates. Even though I only made two purchases through Ebates, I still received $22 back. Ebates sent me a check within the month of making those purchases. I’m loving Ebates, I do order quite a bit from Amazon and it’s pretty simple to log in to Ebates, search Amazon and then shop. Especially when you know you’ll get some of your money back.

Shopping made EASY! 

Shopping with Ebates is super easy! You can create your list of favorite stores as such.

The percentage you get back from a store is always changing. I’ve seen Amazon as high as 10% back. While you may look at some of these and think it’s not much, it really does add up, plus you’re not losing anything… in fact you are gaining back your cash. I recently made a purchase from Foot Locker, it was an $80 purchase ($85 after tax, but they do include tax in the amount they give you cash back for) and I just received notice that I will receive $4.80 back from that. I can’t argue with that!


Once you’ve visited a stores website through Ebates it will show you deals for that store in ADDITION to your cash back! You can also search for DOUBLE CASH BACK Stores, Hot Deals (ie., Free Gift, Free Shipping, BOGO and more), etc. You can also link a credit card to your Ebates account and download the app, then you can link Ebates deals to your credit card and receive cash back from in store purchase when you use that card. So many ways to save and receive cash back with Ebates! I love the versatility of the program.


If you sign up for Ebates you will receive a $15 Welcome Bonus, then to cash out just make a qualified purchase. So even if you just do it for the bonus $15 cash, but I bet you’ll be hooked to receiving your cash back from your typical online purchases.

Sorry, the image is a little blurry, but my first credit was the $15 bonus for joining, I made a purchase on November 30th, which were new winter jackets for all three of my children… a purchase I’d make any how and it is so much easier to just order them winter jackets online during a sale rather than wrestle with them all at the store. My other purchase on December 4th, was a custom floor mat for my mom’s store, this is something I could only order online, we do not have local customization shops, so this one worked out perfect for me as well. My check was sent out on December 20th! I’m pleased that you don’t have to wait for a $100 balance in order to cash out or wait a long time like other places.

There is no minimum order per month or year, you can sign up now and forget about Ebates and come back to it in a year, even if you end up with some cash in your Ebates Wallet, it will still be there if you forget about Ebates. You can download the mobile app and shop from your phone or just go to and shop on a desktop pc. So are you convinced yet? Come enjoy the reward of receiving your cash back with me. It’s like using coupons you never had.



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