Mami & Daughter baking

Mini Cupcake Making!

Tonight was the first time we finally used the mini cupcake maker my daughter received for her sixth birthday back in January. 

I set my daughter
up w/all the things she needed, I measured out the water to make
positive it was indeed the correct amount, she grabbed two eggs I cut
the corner of the cupcake mix open, and we melted two tablespoons of
butter because we did not have vegetable oil. She cracked the eggs into
the bowl with out getting one single shell in the dish, then she whisked
the eggs (she felt like doing so) and added the remaining ingredients. I
walked away for maybe five minutes to do something else. As I walked
back into the kitchen she is attempting to get the beaters in the mixer.

However, she was unable to. They are even
tricky for me to get locking in place correctly sometimes. After I help
her get the beaters locked in place, then I look over at the batter and
there is no need to even hand mix anymore!! She did an amazing job. 

 Next, came
trying to figure out how to use the brand new mini cupcake maker. Lets
just say I did NOT read the directions before doing anything with the
device. I immediately plugged in the device and THEN I picked up the
directions. Well I soon found out I missed TWO steps!! Step 1: Wipe down
the cook surfaces with a damp rag and dry. Step 2: Lightly grease the
cook surfaces with vegetable oil on a piece of paper towel or a
non-stick cooking spray. …. well, now what? As we know from making the
batter, we do not have oil nor do we have spray! So I unplug the
device, attempt to wipe it down with a damp rag, but the cook surface is
already HOT! The water from trying to wipe it down dries as soon as I
touch it, so I take my left over stick of butter and grease the entire
cook surface. 

 NOW it is
ready to be PREHEATED! So I plug it back in, close the lid and wait
about five minutes, as the directions (which I am now following) state
to wait a minimum of three minutes to about seven minutes, so I figured
five was fair. Well the GREEN light comes on after about a minute or two of having the lid closed and the device plugged in. 

So we wait… 

After the five minutes I add batter to each of the seven cupcake wells.
My daughter wants to help, but just with using a long tablespoon, the
heat from the cooking surfaces is rather hot on my hand. So I fill all
seven wells, under her “coaching” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Close the lid, make sure it locks
shut. While waiting my daughter and I chit chat a bit and after five
minutes I open the device and we have seven beautiful mini cupcakes!

After I remove
them, I “stuff” the icing thing. This is a bit messier then I had
thought it would be…. Can’t really see all to well in the photo below,
but there is frosting all down the “handle” and around the bottom of
the frosting holder thing.

decorates some cupcakes and then it runs out so as I go to pull the
handle back to take the handle part off… the pusher part falls off
INSIDE of the frosting holder thing! 


Below: Jada frosting with no problems.

 Above: I “broke” it after holding it for all of two seconds!

Well I fixed it and she continues to frost as
I continue to make cupcakes. With a box of cupcake batter we made
nearly three “batches”. I was one scoop of batter shy on the third
batch. So we had a total of 20 mini cupcakes made in about 30 minutes.
Not bad! By the time I was done making cupcakes and the batter was gone,
Jada was about done with frosting so she handed it over to me. I
“stuffed” about six of the cupcakes with the frosting. Honestly, I was
waiting for the cupcake to explode from me putting too much frosting in
it, but none of them exploded. 

Four of my stuffed cupcakes and two of Jada’s already frosted and decorated cupcakes. Lots of GREEN on
the one cupcake as that was the first cupcake she sprinkled and forgot
to put some in her hand and then SPRINKLE them on. There wasn’t a big
mess, no biggie. 

the time she finished frosting and decorating half of the cupcakes it
was way past her bed time and I guess cupcake making is super


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